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Make your own natural fertilizer

Make your own fertilizer with your banana peels 🍌

Before you throw away your banana peels or put them in the compost, give them a second life and turn them into natural fertilizer for your plants. This method is responsible and easy to do at home.

Your banana peels are full of vitamins that will give your plants a boost.

- Time : 5 mins

- Resting time : 8h


- 1 jar
- Tap water
- 1 banana peel or more


1 - Place your banana peel in a glass jar
2 - Fill your jar completely with water
3 - Leave it for 8 hours or overnight for best results
4 - Remove the banana peels from the jar
5 - Your water is ready to be used to water your plants

You can pour the water directly from the jar or transfer it to your watering can.


You can also use your banana peels by lightly rubbing them on the leaves of your plants to nourish them and bring them more shine.

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